Friday, October 10, 2008

:: About Me ::

I'm Sunil Pant and I'm a Designer and a 3D sketch artist.
This is my New Design blog containing my latest portfolio pieces.

My process and style of work is a bit different from my fellow
concept artists, which is to say that as much as I enjoy drawing
with pen on paper I also enjoy the use of 3D to convey my ideas
to the client.

I use softwares like Photoshop,Maya and SketchUp to create art,
whichever helps me convey my ideas quickly.I mainly focus on
the form and function ideas primarily and have experience
working on film and games.

Names to my Credit include:
The Simpsons- Electronic Arts
Sony's Next Gen Game - Currently under pre-production
The Club - SEGA
Blue Mars - Virtual Space Entertainment,LLC
Aardman Animation Studios- Project ' untitled '
Project Chimera - Conceptual Design for Dubai Theme Park

Mecha -Tank Idea

Blast Furnace Designs

Form Ideation and exploration.

Industrial Age Blimp Design

Court Room model packet and mood painting

A design packet for the Kings Court Room - Inspired by Ridley Scott's period piece, 'Kingdom of Heaven'.

Chopper Designs

The design challenge behind these 3 different Choppers was for me to come up with something that just says, 'BAD-ASS'! This designs were explored first with pen and paper and then explored further in SketchUp.

Quick Set Blockout - SketchUP

This is a quick set block-out exercise of Allen Lee's, Minus-Tirith from Lord of the Rings.The individual components have been designed by me to fit into the same design language as the movie.
The purpose of this design exercise is to show sensitivity to someone else's design aesthetic and trying to fit my new design ideas into an already strong design style.In this case, Allen Lee's very strong design for this castle that conveys sheer strength and hence edgy and pointed in contrast to the Shire in 'The Hobbit' which is very curvy and welcoming.

Monorail Repair Module - Year 2030

This is a quick design of a Monorail Maintenance Module.The design idea I had in mind was that I wanted it to be High-Tech looking and still have an industrial enough feel to it. It essentially is a utilitarian vehicle for the year 2030.

Steam Castle

This is a set block-out exercise and compositional painting study of the Steam Castle from the movie Steamboy.
Tools Used: Photoshop and SketchUp

Environment Paintings

Mood paintings and color studies

Composition and Value Studies

These compositional sketches were done based upon an Edger Allen Poe novel called 'Metzengerstien'